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CV  Harry Aizenberg

Harry Aizenberg was born in 1953 and has worked and lived in Sydney and Wellington, New Zealand.  Harry graduated Bachelor of Fine Arts, National Art School, Darlinghurst, Sydney in 2016.

2023     "The Real Refuse"

              Tap Gallery, Surry Hills 15th - 20th May


               Showcase of Jewish Artists 

               B'nai B'rith  28th May - 4th May              

2022     "Sydney Shores" in association with Sydney Fringe

              Solo Show, World Square,  Sydney.  11th - 24th July

             James + Friends (retrospective and collaboration of the Late James Ballam)

             Ambush Gallery,   Waterloo  14th - 16th October

2021     ABC Community Exhibition

             30th May - 13th June

2020     Annual Group Show, Factory 49

             2nd September - 26th September

             ABC Community Exhibition

             18th October - 1st November

2019     The Committee Show 2006-2019, Factory 49

              June 19th - June 29th

              The ABC Community Exhibition, B'nai B'rith & COA

               23rd June - 7th July

               Annual Group Show,  Factory 49

               31st July - 10th August

2018:    Finalist Stanthorpe Art Prize

             June 15th - July 19th


              Annual Group Show, Factory 49

              June 20th - June 30th                    

              "Cartographies of the Mind",  Mothership Studios, Marrickville

              June 29th - July 4th


2017 :   New Grads 1,  Group Show, Factory 49

              26th January - 4th February                       

              Annual Group Show, Factory 49

              18th May - 27th May                        

              Texture 2,  Art Studios Gallery,  Gosford

              17th May -  11th June


              Committee Show, Factory 49

              13th July - 5th August

              Solo show "Visual Disturbances" Factory 49

              10th August - 24th August               


              B'nai B'rith / COA Community Exhibition

              27th August - 10th September         

              B'nai B'rith / COA Community Exhibition

              Presentation : "Artists' Responses to the Holocaust"

              5th September                                          

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